Key West Garden Club
Key West Garden Club

CALL TO ARTISTS - Evening Salon/Soiree

A garden is a created space and a home for creativity

The Key West Garden Club invites artists to use their gardens as a backdrop for artistic works of all types. In order to enhance people's relationships with gardens and horticulture, we seek out original artistic programs that transcend age, cultural and economic backgrounds.
To this end, we are calling artists, musicians, dancers and performers to create approximately 30-minute works that highlight an individual plant, the historic gardens or some aspect of horticulture such as rain. The works accepted should reflect and enhance the garden environment and encourage an audience participating in the interactive salon experience.
The events occur on three Wednesdays in 2018 - January 10, February 14, and March 14 from 5:30 until 7:30PM. There is a $200 honorarium for the selected artist. The deadline for proposals is November 15, 2017. Application forms are available online or at the Garden Club.
Send or deliver them to the Key West Garden Club at 1100 Atlantic Blvd. Key West, FL 33040.
Eligibility Adult, working, professional artists residing in the United States are eligible to apply. Responders submitting qualifications must provide evidence of successfully completing art projects comparable in scope and nature to the work requested in this solicitation.

Intent and Goal
We are looking for newly created art that:
Is inspired by the unique horticulture of West Martello and is compatible with the history, use, and character-defining features of the site;
Encourages viewer interaction and engagement
Contributes to the local, regional, and national dialogue on art and its function in a community
Entry Selection: Final Selection by KWGC Exhibition & Program Committee and staff.
Display Venue: The Garden is the display venue. There is a Pavilion that is air-conditioned and there are 2 open-air gazebo structures on the grounds. There are flex pave paths to allow wheelchair access.
We are anticipating that the audience will not be more than 40-50 people and that the design of the soiree/salon will encourage the audience to participate with questions after the performance/art is finished.


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