Key West Garden Club
Key West Garden Club

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Robin Robinson, Master Gardener and horticultural columnist for the Key West Citizen, gives juicy details about the secret lives of Key West's plants. Detailed articles and photographs from her weekly column explore the plants that oxygenate the lush sub-tropical air.

You will get to:

Hangout with the natives
Dance on the beach with the golden creeper
Listen to the advice of the grey-haired sea lavender
Learn thrilling tidbits about the bizarre habits of insects
Flirt with the ruffled petticoats of the locustberry
Get intimate with the sex life of plants

You will discover:

What plant keeps no-see-ums away
Why plumeria is called frangipani
Which trees are dangerous
What tree is used to make fiddles
What wood sinks in water
Where the walking iris goes
Which flirtatious trees toss their yellow tresses
That a "perfect" plant is both male and female
Which plant is so randy it's always having pups

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(Prices include shipping by Priority Mail)

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