Key West Garden Club
Key West Garden Club

You will discover:

What plant keeps no-see-ums away
Why plumeria is called frangipani
Which trees are dangerous
What tree is used to make fiddles
What wood sinks in water
Where the walking iris goes
Which flirtatious trees toss their yellow tresses
That a "perfect" plant is both male and female
Which plant is so randy it's always having pups

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An inside look at Tropical Flora available for your backyard

A green velvet gown with lavender lining
Voodoo calls with that old black magic
Cast into the blazing sun, she thrives
Send a hurricane, she laughs
Smash his leaves and no-see-ums flee in fear
By day she flirts with bees, by night she consorts with bats
Find garden treasure in flying golden blooms
Good and bad, even plants have tragic Greek flaws
Birds behave badly
Where do butterflies go when it rains?

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